Chemneera is a strategy consultancy that helps communities, companies and people to select the right technology to improve life.

A particular focus is placed on management questions, innovation and technology applied in the wellness, sport and recreation industry.

We can assist to bridge the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be in the future.


Cyber Security in Sports

2020-11  Coaches, sports scientists and athletes nowadays collect vast amount of data to track performance.  In many cases, such performance data collected consists of personal, identifiable data of an individual ...

Book '21st Century Sports'

2020-10  The Book ‘21st Century Sports’ looks at the effects of technology-induced change in sport within the next five to ten years and provides food for thought for what lies ...

Smart Stadium extending beyond on-field data

2020-09  The smart stadium extends on-field data analysis to off-field information technologies.  From networked stadium infrastructure, in-stadium Broadbent or cellular networks, security, merchandise and concessions to links with transport, broadcasting ...